About the Artist

JayTJay Tucker left this earth December 5th, 2005 at the age of 80. He lived a full and creative life. His primary profession was law enforcement, first as a patrolman, then as a detective , and finally as an inspector and polygraph operator for the District Attorney of Contra Costa County in California. During his life he was an avid fisherman and hunter, master tennis player, boat captain, sports car driver, and player of many musical instruments such as the violin, saxophone, and piano. He also studied photography and brewed his own beer among many other interests. But he didn't take up oil painting until the age of 67. He was self taught from books he found in used book stores. He began with painting landscapes but soon found his passion in figure painting. Over a 12 year period he painted around 150 paintings. It was also during that time that he learned digital photography, how to use a computer and especially how to produce excellent pictures of his paintings. This site contains those pictures.
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